2022. Off the Hook: Layers and objects, Knifer Gallery, Osijek

After successful exhibitions – in Berlin, Budapest, Vienna, Belgrade and online – DobraVaga Gallery from Ljubljana held the sixth edition of the international exhibition project Off the Hook in Osijek, with a new set of young female creatives, thus continuing the already established way of presenting local visual art production in a wider international context. The sixth edition of the project is an exhibition of young Slovenian visual artists who are united by the exploration of the painting medium, each of them approaching it from completely different starting point. Participating artists Ana Janež, Ajda Kadunc, Maša Knapič, Anastazija Pirnat and Sara Skenderija put the use and exploration of various practies and technological procedures as well as experimentation with materials and formats at the forefront of their interest. The medium of painting serves as their starting point. In the gallery setting, it is often combined and placed in dialogue with objects, sculptures, various elements and structures, found objects and carriers. In this way, the boundaries between the paintings and the space in which works are placed, begin to erase. The gaze thus passes through the painted features between surfaces. The superficiality itself is no longer important as dimension of the space is slowly getting involved in it. Another kind of dynamic is established between the visible and invisible elements in the space, the voids through which we see, draw new images. The view behind the picture also opens, everything in the background becomes part of it. The canvases are placed in the space like a kind of parasites.

Curated by Rea Vogrinčič

Photo by Tomislav Herega


Text by curator and artists

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