Ajda Kadunc

Ajda Kadunc (1995) graduated at the painting department of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana in 2018, where she is completing her MA. In the 2020 she studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki. She participated in several group exhibitions, amog others, at the Alkatraz Gallery (Ljubljana), at the 4th International Student Biennial (Split). She has held solo exhibitions at the Layer House (Kranj), and the DobraVaga (Ljubljana). In her artistic practice, she places uncertainity in the position of the principles of exploring new orders and alternative spaces of communication that go beyond our perception of reality and normality. She is interested in the newly established meaning created by the stories of various elements and surfaces in relation to the space in which they land. Ajda Kadunc is an artist who uses the themes of nonsense, coincidence, automatism and ambiguity as starting points in her works. In a unique way, she juxtaposes and places in interdependence larger paintings with found objects, smaller objects and elements she makes herself. This kind of combination elongates the painting and offers the viewer a different way of reading. The work itself becomes varied. New content and dialogues begin to interweave between the elements. She includes coincidences and slip-ups in her creative process and does not try to hide them. Found objects, for example pieces of wood, plastic, textile, wrapping film or a net that brings to mind a fishing net, complete the painting as minimal interventions or details. Through actions that at first glance look like coincidences, she forms new stories, which are often connected to reflection on the current world., stupidity, clumsiness, confusion and alienation that surround us.