Ana Janež

Ana Janež (1997) is currently completing her MA in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana, where she graduated in 2020. Painting is the main part of her practice, but she also works with photography, digital graphics and installation art. In her work, she incorporates themes of fragility and instability, nostalgia and future, moment and duration, and explores how to search for both the ambiguous character and the meaning of images through their visual representation. She held her first solo exhibition Do You Hear You Hear Nothing? At DobraVaga (Ljubljana) and DLUM Gallery (Maribor). She has participated in several group exhibitions, among others at PositionArtFair (Berlin), in DobraVaga (Ljubljana) and DLUM (Maribor). For her work, she received the Primavera Award in 2021 and the Academy of Fine Arts and Design Award in 2022. Ana Janež considers how, in the amorphous image of an abstract pattern, meaning is established in paradox with its indeterminacy. The artist presents herself with works from a series of paintings titled Do You Hear You Hear Nothing? In which she explores the question of meaning, emptiness and superficiality. At first glance, the saturated and precise drawing seems abstract, but through a process in which the artist transfers digital records to analog and vice versa, structures that hint at something that we cannot completely define, are created. The transparent fabric and semi-translucent materials she uses lightly blur the boundary between the picture and space behind it.