Anastazija Pirnat

Anastazija Pirnat (1996) graduated at the painting department at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana in 2019. where she is currently completing her MA. In her painting practice, she touches on the question of how a painting is placed within different contexts in relation to a concept that is constantly being built and desintegrated. She is interested in the possibilities that arise at the point of failure of declaration and pass between meaning and absurdity. She has held the following solo exhibitions; A word is usually not a replacement (Layer House, Kranj), Navigating Blunder (Atelier im Ashwimmbad, Wies), but she is a very nice lady and she is a very nice person and she is very nice (DobraVaga, Ljubljana), I can’t say anything just like that (Ravne Gallery, Ravne na Koroškem), and Texture of Erasure (Raum AU, Slovenj Gradec). She has also participated in numerous group exhibitions, among others in ŠKUC (Ljubljana), Zala Gallery (Ljubljana), DobraVaga (Ljubljana) the Bank of Slovenia Gallery (Ljubljana), Academia Moderna (Zagreb), Carinthia Gallery of Fine Arts (Slovenj Gradec), the Equrna Gallery (Ljubljana) and the DLUM Gallery (Maribor). In her work Anastazija Pirnat complements her paintings with various elements. She often juxtaposes larger canvases with smaller paintings and objects that she places in the space. She is interested in the possibilities opened up by different approaches to applying content. In her motifs, we can perceive the outlines of images taken from found photographs, combined with various inscriptions. These are sometimes included directly as an artistic element, as a layer on the image itself or as a title or subtitle of the work. In recent time, her works increasingly move away from the already established and recognizable aesthetics, the applications on the canvases are even more subtle, the elements in the picture enter the space in the form of objects, plinths and frames, and acquire new narratives.