Flavia Trachsler

In Joyful Anticipation


Video installation, loop, sound 3‘31“

The film „in joyful anticipation“ takes us through new housing developments in the greater Zurich area. The scenes, filmed with a high-resolution camera, play with the aesthetics of digital renderings that advertise the places before their realization. The scenes are complemented with actual renderings, creating an intermingling of imaginary spaces and real spaces. The architectural space thereby turns out to be a template within which standardized life designs can be realized. An off-screen voice reads us a personal letter and in doing so resorts to the imagination as a force in which some- thing new can emerge and patterns can be broken up. In her artistic practice Flavia Trachsler deals with repetitive material that shapes our environment. She explores the question of what structures shape us and also how we can work with these structures, how we can break out of them and, in a sense, also use them to form something new.

Artist Statement/Bio

Flavia Trachsler is a visual artist born in 1991 in Zurich, Switzerland. She graduated from the Zurich University of the Arts in 2022. She has participated in several group exhibitions, among which are „TOUJOURS“ at Instituto Svizzero in Milan, „Autoportrait“ at Coalmine in Winterthur, „Zines in Zurich“ at Material in Zurich, „Zines in Tokyo“ at POST in Tokyo. She had one solo exhibition in 2022, in the Offspace Flüelastrasse in Zurich. She’s recently exhibited at the Basel Social Club.