Hristina Apostoloska

Faculty of Fine Arts, Skopje


Transparent skin

paper,  plastic mesh carrier


By filling the molded mesh with small rolls of paper, it closes the surface body of the sculptural voluminosity of the form, and the surface material itself creates a specifically built texture – sensation that fascinates the eye. In that fascination there is special charm in the way in which is created, and all this is a result from the obvious effort in its creation, which simply attracts and captivates the viewer. Paper components and their texture create the surface (skin) of the sculpture, stretching its volume and spatiality, creating hollows and gaps in it. That kind of built surface plugs us into revealing the sculpture’s internal structure, if there is one, and in some of my sculptures there is. According to that, “transparent skin” can be seen as a specific component of the sculpture in relation to the outer space but, also, that it contains and defines the inside of the sculptural wholeness, including the visual diversities caused by in that way created “skin” of the sculpture, emphasizes the work, especially the light sensations in and out of it.