Isidora Todorič

Academy of Fine Arts and Design of Ljubljana



Canvas/fabric, paint

The work consists of a white canvas approximately 1,5m x 3m in size dipped in white paint. In the process of constructing the piece, the fabric is mounted on the wall, leaving the lower end of the piece to stretch and fold on the ground (up to 0,5m in length). The canvas is not stretched over a wooden frame of the appropriate size as is traditional for paintings. On the contrary, it is positioned directly on the wall. Fluidity is a material property of both paint and canvas. They are not hard substances. Yet when they come in contact with each other they trans-form into a solid object. The work is an experiment of fusion between two materials to form a third one. White liquid is the most primal substance in human psychoanalysis. The primal characteristic of a liquid is its fluidity. It has no form. Therefore capturing liquid – giving it form, depraving it of its inherent state should be considered a wrongdoing to the substance itself.