Johanna Locher

State Academy of Fine Arts, Karlsruhe


video 6:48


I define beauty as a feeling that is needed to create an artwork. My work relies to the beauty of nature, it inspires me and organizes my thoughts. I always want to interact with it, that means I am trying to invite the movements and behaving of nature into my thinking and my art. One of the most beautiful things for me is the wind. It is not visible and nonmaterial, therefore I would say beauty is more a feeling rather than a certain aesthetic appearance. In this video I tried to hang my thoughts in the winds and make the movement of the wind visible. For the sound I made four layers of my recorded voice, fragments of some writings of mine about the outside that influences the inside. The layering makes it almost impossible to understand the fragments. What one understands is transformed into something that reminds of language but is in fact a new sound. My voice is weaved into the wind and tangled like the treads