Lark Ring

Fear and Favor,


Pigment print, alder frame, photo mount 100 × 140 cm

The work of Lark Ring focuses on social and spatial assembly. Often triggered by a sense of frustration with normative modes of thinking and viewing the world, the work derives from the urge to question and examine existing structures and seem- ingly universal truths. Central to this inquiry is the interest in how language struc- tures the way we see, think, and relate to the world. The artistic practice thus combines a playful approach to semantics and icono- graphic patterns with the repurposing of materials away from their preoccupied function, in order to challenge social conventions of knowledge production. This assemblage of seemingly minimal quotidian materials and poetic interpretation invites the viewers to reflect on the interferences between medium and significance, between object and representation. The aesthetics of these installations stress the temporality of positions, discourse and the social fabric of society, blending the positions of author and spectator and thereby demanding a critical engagement with the contemporary. Lark Ring (*1993, Tiverton, England), is an artist based in Zurich, Switzerland, and Tokyo, Japan. Completing a BFA at Zurich University of the Arts in 2021 and an MFA in 2023. Ring co-founded the association ENTERPRISE and is member of the Japa- nese collective GC Magazine.