Maja Pajtak

Academy for Arts and Culture, Osijek


Heralds of the transience

Fojo technique


Heralds of the transience of life emphasize that the manifestation of energy does not disappear even when the body wanes. Inspired by the work of photographer Man Ray, and using a long-standing private herbarium collection, a series of photos of dried flowers are created by the fojo technique. The Fojo technique allows us to transfer an image from a mobile phone to photo-sensitive paper, thus offering a leap in analog photography by blending contrasts. Although at first glance it is difficult to recognize the dryness of the flowers because of the black and white image, we can notice the pixels that enhance the impression of digital work and thus move this analog photo out of the standard. The condition of the flowers in the photographs may be lifeless, but captured in space and time, it still strongly reflects the former splendor and beauty of life, whose trace persists forever.