Nemanja Milenković

Academy of Arts in Novi Sad



Pencil on paper

50 x 63 cm

The main motif are fragments of the body of a dead animal. The title of the work corresponds to the way it is technically carried out – “unfinished”— and the drawing itself seems to be in a state of “decomposition,” like the depicted motif, which is also in a state of decay. In a 50 x 63 cm –sized drawing, pencil was used to portray a dead, run-over rabbit, recognizable only by the dominant element of fur texture. The aim of the work is to present the disintegratable nature of every living organism, whereby the author incorporates his personal interest in animal rights activism and raises awareness of the consequences of human treatment of animals in modern society. The motif of the drawing evokes the designated theme of the 2nd Student Biennial by portraying people’s treatment of animals in modern society as a “mistake,” as fundamentally wrong.