Rea Vogrinčič

Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Ljubljana



video performance 01:23



Throughout the performance, I am exploring a fascination with catastrophes, destruction, and the enjoyment of watching them. There is something beautiful about it. Why build a boat and then destroy it? Can I complete the obsession about something through physical destruction? Can obsession take on a new shape? I created and build a boat and then pushed it of a cliff. It is a total destruction of the object and it was necessary for me to be done. I created and then pushed it into the abyss. A motif was manifested through a physical object, materialised in real space and then destroyed through action. This is how I end the obsession. I finish this phase and allow myself to go forward. It was no longer just folding a paper and repeating the form, but to produce a heavy object that I absolutely had to push over the edge, and separate from it physically. I made a boat in a size that needs construction to stand. Even so, it is a paper boat, wrapped in paper and not intended for sailing. It would sink. I place the boat on top of a rock in an abandoned quarry. I push it over the edge into the abyss. It falls for a few moments and then start to fall apart. The recording is repeated.