Ricardo Meli

MELI 230701,


Wood, plaster, ethafoam, dartec, metal 101 x 65 x 25 cm

Graduating from the University of Arts in Zurich, with a technical engineering back- ground, I engage with the evolving landscapes of design conventions over time. Within my practice, I meticulously investigate how design elements serve as social and cultural representations. My work is an observation on the perpetual acceleration of our society and the rapid strides towards digitalization in particular. Key to my exploration, is the shifting per- spective on both, the future and the past, a realization that time is a malleable sub- stance, permanently reconstructed from the present, evolving throughout time. The architecture of memory stands as a significant pillar in my discourse, influencing and shaping perceptions. I am inspired by the evolution of science fiction. Seeing science fiction not merely as an anticipation, rather than a catalyst for scientific progress. My approach is experi- mental and in collaborating with the materials themselves. The scenarios I craft within sculptures and installations envision future societies and potential realities. My work deals with the subtle structures of the art industry and the aesthetic of an increasing mechanized society, serving as a channel for contemplating conscious- ness within the dimensions of time and space. Ricardo Meli (*1996) graduated in 2023 with a BA in Fine Arts from the University of Arts in Zurich, Switzerland. His work is predominantly based on sculptures and installations. He had various shows in Lausanne, Zurich, and Winterthur.