Ricardo Meli



Metal, plaster, Polycarbonate,

99 x 16.5 x 14 cm,  53.5 x 16.5 x 14 cm

The sculpture is made of metal, plaster and polycarbonate (PC), each of the materials taking a contextual role alongside their aesthetic appearance. *Metal refers to industry and its influence on society and their environment. The plaster, which can be neutrally altered like a three-dimensional canvas, is manipulated in such a way that it takes on an organic appearance. Plaster, which is often used as a secondary material in art, is here transformed into a primary material. The PC serves as a tool for preservation and at the same time transforms the preserved material. The two Components (PC and plaster) enter into a deep relationship with each other and the metal gives them a body in which they move. The object itself is undefinable and yet it does not float around in a vacuum. “Kyra.stl” is part of a group of works which deal with the architecture of memory, the collective reference system and a fictional future.

Artist Statement/Bio

Ricardo Meli (1996) is a Zurich based sculptor. He just graduated from the Bachelor Fine-Arts of the Zurich school of arts (ZHdK). Before his Artistic career he worked as designer for machine parts. Ricardo participated in several group shows e.g. at „Hotel Tiger“ – „Too Hot to Sell“ or at „Aux Abris“ through „Sabl“ in Lausanne. He also worked in Berlin in the „Künstlerhaus Bethanien“. Besides his own artistic practice, he helps out different artists in terms of technical realization and does art handling for different institution in and around Zurich. All these exchanges and impressions flow back into his artistic practice and enrich his approach towards contemporary art.