Valentina Damjanović

Academy for Arts and Culture, Osijek



Zinc plate

140 x 100 cm


The title of the work is described literally, a matrix that is otherwise part of a technical process in the medium of graphics, which is not usually exhibited as a work of art but, in print, elevates and changes the meaning of the work. With this act of exposing the matrix which otherwise serves as the medium that is part of the process of the creation of the work of art in this case of graphic print, I change the subject matter and importance with respect to general use. Instead of etching and treating the matrix with acid, I choose the matrix as a unique work. The way I acted on this matrix was a long-lasting polishing that turned the zinc plate almost into a mirror that reflected a somewhat blurred, virtual reflection of reality. This process has resulted in the matrix duplicating the reality around itself and at the same time becoming a separate work of art that is both an image and an object, and a root in the process of graphic techniques, which aids in this process to change its meaning and place it in the space of media.