Adrien Ujhazi

Academy of Arts, Novi Sad


An introduction to Biophilia

Mixed media


My artwork includes fields of ecological art (and Bio art), which I realize using various visual languages and media. My research approach is realized by using and transposing natural elements in their original state, which means, that with minimal intervention I get to the end product of my artwork. The works are dominated by textures  and natural colors of used elements-fillers, which in the process of the work I transfer to a different context. These are: flour, sand, wax, cormorant, “scoby” fungus, etc.In my works I use mostly circular forms and symbols of eggs, seeds and cells. By composing circular and amorphous forms, on a square and rectangular basis, I symbolically represent the life cycle. Wheat as a historical symbol and basic consumer material, I specifically emphasize and give it importance in the existence of man through time periods; putting the focus on the metamorphosis of the modern world and society. Aside from wheat, which becomes an integral part of my paintings, I add another natural material, a scoby-fungus that develops from fermented (black) tea.I am following the course of development and transformation with the help of digitalization of the process itself, which provides the possibility of a real life experience of the micro and macro world. Modern technology and nature are thus complementary. Some of the works are simplified and clarified by the Braille Alphabet; In this way, they exude of enformelist poetics where the artistic language is reduced to a simple, abstract form.