Anna Blässer

Estonian Academy of Arts, Talinn


Notes from the world‘s end (Finistère)

Stop-motion-sequence, water on paper 02:30


Water, the property of which is to roll off skin, seeps into the plaster-like paper towel of the stop-motion sequence and leaves a trace, like a scar. For paper has the property of remembering every deformation that is carried out on it: an intervention in the paper structure, be it a fold or the swelling due to water, cannot be undone. It will stay forever as a memory of the “drawing” in the substance. Memories of places and their associated experienced scenes are also preserved in the body. They burn themselves into the memory. They change into something positive, something negative, they become ugly afterwards and something beautiful. Scar remain, which still carry the forms and lines of what has been in them and leave them visible forever.