Dario Brkić

Academy of Arts in Osijek



Object, original music, blood and water on construction steel

40 x 30 cm

Blood is a fluid transported by the heart to all parts of the body, after which it returns to the heart and the process is continuously repeated. Connotations related to blood are often presented in a negative light; often linked to suffering, death or illness. Blood combined with water on a steel plate creates corrosion; destruction of construction materials caused by chemical and biological processes. In graphic art (intaglio printing) corrosion and oxidation damage the metal plate and need to be removed. In this context, corrosion is bad, wrong, ugly and useless but becomes the primary element of building and development. The author finds freedom and beauty in the disintegration, degradation, and decomposition of corrosion. F, E, A, and D are musical tones looping throughout the performance, with the letter alignment clearly connoting the verb feed. The author used his own blood in combination with water, changing the context of negativity and uselessness into a creative and positive one. In this work, blood carries the symbolism of life – it stands for individual growth and the unpredictable direction that is still possible to influence.