Josip Jelenčić

Academy for Arts and culture, Osijek



Hair, plastic bags


Hairstyle is not just a matter of fashion – at the same time it talks about whether we are healthy, ill, conformist, non-conformist and more. Hair determines how we declare our identity, ie who we are and what we are. For a long time, since the beginnings of history as we know it, the notion of beauty and personality has been a basic concern of every human being. Over the centuries, people have spent time, money and energy washing, combing, coloring, brushing and beautifying their hair. The way we show our hair to others has deep social roots. Hair is the message we send to others about our personality. I realized that I had an endless source of hair in my mothers hair salon and that I could use hair as a medium in the visual arts and use it to make art. Of great importance to me is the fact that all the hair needed to make these sculptures is from her hairdressing salon and that she has trimmed and collected it from October 2018 until May 2019.