Josipa Stojanović

Academy of Arts in Osijek


Perfectly unperfect

Objects (factory packaging)

I present objects (pieces of factory packaging), each with a factory error caused by the acceleration of manufacturing processes or skipping steps leading to the final product. The exhibited pieces – faulty packaging – are justified by inexperience, overconfidence in own ability, or are attributed to the automatism of the machine involved in the production, which can also be viewed as the source of the error. The series consists of five sculptures on separate postaments. I display certain products as exhibits of enticing “snacks,” serving as a literal and descriptive concept of error because of the human reaction to an unexpected error, illustrating how man is regularly faced with situations that make him happy in their small deviations from monotonous surroundings and society’s automatism. Situations in which man finds himself regardless of being surprised by one odd white candy in a sea of black ones, or by a small change in everyday life described by the statement “it’s so good it deserves to be tasted.”