Maša Knapič

Maša Knapič (1996) graduated in painting department at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana in 2019, where she is completing her MA. She works in the field of painting, which she understands in an inseparable relationship with other media. She investigates the influence of the environment on the individual level and identity of behaviour patterns. She is interested in the relationship between the image and its carrier and the context in which an individual work is presented. Her work has been featured in the solo exhibition Sharpening…please steady your device at DobraVaga (Ljubljana), and as part of the project Unfamiliar Area at the Alkatraz Gallery (Ljubljana). She has also participated in several group exhibitions in Slovenia (Bank of Slovenia Gallery, DobraVaga, Zala Gallery, Layer House). Maša Knapič builds new, seemengly solid images through repetition, the use of various technological processes and experimentation with materials. The exhibited works are included in a system in which the parts of the whole try to complement each other and exist in a kind of co-dependance. The constant turning and play suggests that there is an attempt to disperse the visual field. The elements with which the artist builds the entire image are just building blocks that she adds or takes away. A decentralised image with all its physical elements cannot fully capture its own narrative